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Computer History Museum 2016

Design Code Build Keynote

Recorded: March 5, 2016] Broadcom Presents Design_Code_Build is an interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experience that introduces Bay Area middle school students to the basic concepts of coding and applied mathematics in order to inspire them to pursue STEM in their future education and careers. Tech Rock Star Ayori Selassie shares her personal story with 6th grade girls at the Computer History Museum.




Our mind is wired to resist change while simultaneously offering astounding capabilities for adapting to change. This session highlights the brain science that defaults our behavior to resist change and offers a design thinking approach to enable you to develop your brain to take control and harness the power of personal change.

Road to Dreamforce: Women in Technology

See how women are growing their footprint in technology and at Dreamforce.

Road to Dreamforce: Diversity & Innovation at Dreamforce

Diversity and innovation are focal points at Dreamforce-see how we are focusing on these concepts like never before. Featuring: Lynn Vojvodich, Chief Marketing Officer; Cindy Robbins, SVP of Global Employee Success; Ayori Selassie, Sr. Solution Engineer; John Brunswick, Global Head of Innovation Solutions; and Kurt Smith, Sr. Director, Event Content Strategy.

Lesbians Who Tech 2015

Women and underrepresented minorities are hacking the tech workforce. It's been over a year since Silicon Valley tech companies published their dismal diversity stats. In response, we've seen a growing community of entrepreneurs and programmers changing the tech landscape, one Hackathon/Conference/Company at a time.

Tech Inclusion Conf 2015

Panelist discuss Affinity Groups or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) often play a crucial role in diversity and inclusion companies. They explain the evolution these groups from informal to more formal groups that become a driving force of change: reducing feelings of isolation, empowering and mentoring diverse employees, and even driving internal policy changes.

News Programs

KQED: Being a woman in tech

Three female engineers talk about learning to code, the importance of mentors, and what it's like to work in a field that's still predominantly male. Featuring: Ayori Selassie, Emma Colner, Zoe Madden-Wood. Video by: Monica Lam, Nicole Reinert, Richard Neill, Henry Rubin.

NPR: Putting The Spotlight On Blacks In Tech

Today, guest host Celeste Headlee spoke with two technologists — Ayori Selassie and Greg Greenlee — about who we're not paying attention to and what can be done about the issue of diversity in the tech world. Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough also joined the conversation letting listeners know that the 'Black Steve Jobs' is out there. We just need to look harder.


NPR: U.S. Is Becoming More Diverse, But Is The Online Population?

According to a National Science Foundation study, only five percent of scientists and engineers in the U.S. are African-American. Host Michel Martin speaks with Freeman Hrabowski, president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County about the challenges blacks face in the tech world. They're joined by Silicon Valley techie Ayori Selassie and digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong. This segment originally aired Nov. 27, 2013 on Tell Me More.


NPR: Hackathon Organizers Ask, Could A Smart Phone App Have Saved Trayvon?

Could a smart phone app have saved Travyvon Martin? Organizers of an Oakland, California hackathon are asking that question. Host Michel Martin speaks with Ayori Selassie and Kalimah Priforce about Startup Weekend Oakland.


BPN Award Ceremony

Impromptu Speech

Ayori Selassie, creator of the #LifeModelCanvas was surprised to receive the first ever Global Tech Excellence Award from BPN during Black History Month. This was her acceptance speech... A plea to help our youth discovery Design Thinking & Life Strategy so that they may achieve their greatness.